Children Are Welcome!


Children are welcome at Holy Presence. We love having them around!

Our Children’s Church 
During the opening of our liturgy, Children will gather at the front of the church, and we will pray for them as they go off to Children’s Church where they will celebrate Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

The Liturgy of the Word with Children includes most of the elements that we normally experience in our Liturgy of the Word:

  • First Reading
  • Psalm
  • There is usually no second reading
  • Gospel
  • A Scripture reflection
  • Creed
  • Intercession and Confession

The children will then return to the assembly. We believe all members of the Church family should be present for the exchange the peace and Holy Communion.

If your children are hesitant to leave your side to attend Children’s Church, no worries! You are welcome to go with them, and they are welcome to sit in the service with you.  Should you need something to hold their attention during the service, there are some children’s books and coloring crayons available for your children’s use at the entrance to the Sanctuary. You are also welcome to bring some soft toys of their own for their use. Please avoid toys and games that make noise.

Children’s Nursery/Cry Room
If you have a baby, or a young toddler with you, there is also a nursery/cry room in the adjacent education building with an audio-visual feed that would enable you to follow the service without worrying about your child disturbing the worship service. There are toys available, and a play pen. But should you need to use the nursery/cry room, we still want you to feel included and part of the service: please return with your child to receive communion.

Ministry Opportunities for the children
There are ministry opportunities for children too! From being an acolyte to helping with the offering, if your child expresses a desire to take part in the service, please do not hesitate to contact the church office.

Children’s Play Ground
There is a fenced in playground that children love to play in after service. Adult supervision is requested when using the playground equipment to ensure your children’s safety.