What to Expect When Visiting

Going to an Episcopal Church (or any church at all) for the first time may feel a bit strange and intimidating. We want you to be able to relax and feel welcome and able to participate in our worship as you choose. Here is a guide to some of what you might expect when you come to worship with us.

Our Service

You’ll find our congregation to be extremely diverse, spanning all ages and walks of life. But we all have one thing in common: a desire for fellowship, and to worship together.

Our services are very liturgical, yet with a blend of traditional and modern hymns. All readings and song lyrics are in our printed bulletin and on the screen at the front of the church for easy reference.

Our services follow our bulletins closely, which means you’ll likely never feel lost. Please note that although we, as with other churches, do collect an offering during the service, there is no expectation or obligation for you to contribute.

We receive communion during every service. All those baptized are welcome to receive regardless of Christian denomination. You are not obligated to receive communion. If you would like to receive a blessing but not communion, simply come forward and cross your arms over your chest as an indication of your desire to be blessed.

After the service

We have coffee, tea and other beverages as well as baked goods after every service. On the 4th Sunday of the month, we enjoy a fellowship meal. You are invited to stay, have a cup of coffee or a meal with us and get to know us. If you have small children, there is a playground beside our education building that they are welcome to play in at any time during your visit.