Children’s Church

Children are welcome at Holy Presence. During the opening of our liturgy, Children will gather at the front of the church, and we will pray for them as they go off to Children’s Church held in the education building where they will learn about God. The children will then return to the assembly approximately 40 minutes later for communion.

The weekly lesson plan correlates to the scripture passages for the day. Every effort is made to ensure the Children will receive the week’s message presented in a relatable and engaging manner.

The teachers work in teams of two and have all been vetted and approved to work with children according to the standards imposed by the Diocese of Central Florida. In addition, they have completed a series of required courses to ensure our children are kept safe.

The minimum age to attend Children’s Church is four years old.

If your child is hesitant to leave your side to attend Children’s Church, no worries! You are welcome to go with them, or they are welcome to sit in the service with you as well.  Should you need something to hold their attention during the service, there are some children’s books and coloring crayons available for your children’s use at the entrance to the Sanctuary. You are also welcome to bring some soft toys of their own for their use. Please avoid toys and games that make noise.